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Psalm 107:2 Let the redeemed of the Lord tell their story

My goal is to have a conversation with you that we can then share with the world.  This isn’t an interview, it’s a talk between friends (if we aren’t already friends, we will be after this!).  This can be edited, so if you make a mistake or say something you decide you aren’t comfortable sharing, we can fix it.  There are no expectations set on you – this can be funny or serious or sad or all of the above! Just be yourself! The only scripted question I will ask is, “What is your story?” and then we will chat from there!

If you have a book or a business you want to talk about, I’m game!  Often my guests with a product or service will offer a discount code or do a giveaway.  That is not required, but I’m happy to do those things with you!

My audience is typically Christian women from college age to grandmothers.  My goal is to offer each of them something they can relate to. What they want to hear is YOU! 

To the very young girl who will be facing big choices soon – the world will make you choose.  I want you to KNOW that you can choose Jesus and it is the BEST choice. To the girl who is in the middle of the wrong choices. It may even seem a little fun right now.  I want you to KNOW that you can choose Jesus right now. He can handle you and the mess you may be in. To the woman who has become an adult still making the wrong choices – it isn’t all that fun anymore, is it?  I want you to KNOW that you can choose Jesus. He can handle adult messes. He can bring you out of shame. He will help you do the hard things in order to get to the right things. To the woman who has chosen Jesus, but still tries to keep her past a secret – I want you to KNOW you can choose Jesus and freedom in Christ.  You are not the sum of your mistakes. You are the bride of Christ. To the woman who has made good choices and followed the rules, but hasn’t surrendered to Christ – I want you to KNOW that you can choose Jesus. You don’t have to do it all on your own. To the woman who has suffered because of the sins of others – you can choose Jesus.  He knows what it is to be mistreated and betrayed. He wants to redeem you. To the woman who has always chosen right – you’ve chosen Jesus, but I want you to know that everyone else can too. Jesus doesn’t judge our past and neither should you. What a gift you’ve got to be able to invite the prodigal daughters back into the Father’s love.

My plan to promote each episode is to tease the episode on Instagram and Facebook  the Friday before release.  On the day the episode is released, I post again.  I will tag you and/or your business in each post. I ask that you share my posts to your stories and create 1 post of your own about your appearance on the podcast to direct your followers to listen.  I love interaction on social media – feel free to share anything from your episode.

1 Kings 8:60 so that all people of the earth may KNOW that the Lord is God and there is no other.