2021 Advent Guide

Today is the first day of Advent!

Advent 2021 begins on Sunday, November 28th. Each week a different candle will be lit. This guide will tell you which candle to light and what it means. Not all traditions follow the same schedule, but this is the format I prefer. There are many ways to celebrate the coming Savior and I hope you enjoy this one!

Our family to participates in the “elf on the shelf” activities. Our elf isn’t a Santa spy, but a friendly little toy who helps us focus on Jesus throughout the season. Each day of the Elf guide has a Bible verse and object lesson to teach about Jesus and the true meaning of Christmas. So, if you are an elf household, I hope you find lots of fun and faith-filled ideas that you can use there! Each day’s devotion will help you focus on what your Elf will be teaching your child the next day. That way, as you help the Elf get into position, you’ll be able to meditate on what you’ve already studied. (Search for RedLettered on Etsy to find the Elf guide.)

If you are NOT an elf family, don’t worry, you don’t have to be! This guide is for anyone who wants to focus on Jesus while celebrating in all of the ways!

From my family to yours, a blessed Advent season, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!