I Am His Masterpiece

This post is part of a series on self-care from the perspective of self-care in Christ.  How do I care for the person who God says I am?

For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.

Ephesians 2:10

Please look at that word, masterpiece.  The dictionary says it means a work of outstanding artistry, skill, or workmanship.  Now look around you – look outside.  See all that the Lord has made?  Currently my view of my back yard includes blue and white hydrangea, hot pink hibiscus, tall trees of all types with beautiful trunks and leaves that are all different from each other, fruit, cute little creatures, a bright blue sky with billowing white clouds, birds of all colors and songs – the songs!  Nature is amazing to me.  I love to take in God’s creation and just marvel at all that He made.

And if that stuff impresses you, get a load of YOU!

YOU are His masterpiece.  We are what he saved for last. He said we are good when he finished with us.  And then He rested.  We were so good, He decided He could take a break.

Think about all of the very different people you know.  We come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and colors and moods (some of us with several different moods in one).  Look at all of the personality types, artistic abilities, intelligences, interests, and emotions.  We are intricate and varied beings.  No two are exactly alike and He made it ALL!

I need a moment – I really love this stuff!

Ok, I’m good now…

Before we start thinking that the “we” and the “you” I am talking about only includes people who have chosen Him, let’s look at this again. There are no people – exactly zero people – who were not created by God.  Every single person is a masterpiece whether they believe that or Him or not.  Every. Single. One.  I know that post is about self-care, but I feel the need to point this out.  Every single person was created by the Living God and He sees each one as His best creation.

And that includes, YOU, my friend.  YOU are a masterpiece!  The world, other people, advertising will try to tell you different.  And sometimes we don’t treat ourselves like we are either.  We talk badly about ourselves, we feel like we are a mistake, we doubt our purpose and contribution to the world, the list goes on.  Sometimes we do this thinking this is humility.  It isn’t.  It’s kind of the opposite.

If God says you are a masterpiece, then guess what?  You ARE a masterpiece!

You are an outstanding work of artistry created by the perfect artist Himself.

You are an outstanding work of skill by the most skilled Creator that ever was.

You are an outstanding display of workmanship by the Expert of all that was ever made!

You are outstanding!

You are His Mona Lisa, His Starry Night, His Birth of Venus, His Whistler’s Mother…you get the idea!

So what does it look like to care for yourself when you know you are a Masterpiece?  Well, I did a little research for you.  The masterpieces above and many other pieces of art are cared for by experts in the field.  Moving art from one gallery to another is an intricate logistical marvel.  Simply hanging a piece of art on the wall involves experts inspecting each screw, closing entire wings of galleries to complete the operation.  The art is protected  from light, from theft, from temperature, from movement.  Protection is the focus of every act that involves the irreplaceable work.

If work created by human hands is protected at such a level, shouldn’t you and I be protected that way as well?  How are you protecting yourself?  Are you protected from exposure?  Are you protected from being taken by lies?  Are you careful to use the best you can to care for yourself?  Are you putting yourself on display in elements that aren’t best for you?  There’s no lack for metaphors here.  And you can come up with more, I’m sure.  But my point is that YOU are worth more than the most valuable piece of art on the planet.  And your worth is all about your Maker.  Treat yourself as the priceless masterpiece that you are.