I Am an Overcomer

They conquered him
by the blood of the Lamb
and by the word of their testimony,
for they did not love their lives
in the face of death.

Revelation 12:11

To care for myself as an overcomer is to care, not only for this life, but for life everlasting.

Where am I setting my sights? Which life is more valuable to me right now?  2 Corinthians 4:18 says to set our eyes on the the unseen.  To me, that means that this world can become a distraction.  We have responsibilities and things to do, but it can’t be our everything.  This world has already been overcome (John 16:33).

An overcomer cannot be a victim.  That victim mentality is so easy to slip into though, isn’t it?  My divorce wasn’t my fault.  Losing my parents at a young age wasn’t my fault.  I got let go from a job for no reason at all.  This and that were not fair!  I don’t deserve the way I’m being treated!

I’ve said all of those things before. While they feel valid at the time, these sentiments only serve to keep me in a victim role.  Instead, I should choose to see who I am in Christ – someone who has been battled for.  And that battle has been won!  1 John 5:4 says “For everyone born of God has overcome the world.”

So, self-care as an overcomer…my first step is to face the enemy. Who says you are a victim?  Who has the power to tell you that?  Nobody!  Those are all lies from the devil.  Tell him to leave you alone and remind him that you’re an overcomer because Jesus has overcome him.  Remind the enemy what you’ve already overcome in your life and Who has overcome evil FOR your life.

The next simple step is to turn to scripture.  Nothing can get me fired up more than reading about the victory of Jesus!  I love worship music that reminds us that death has no grip on us because the battle belongs to the Lord!  Cruise through scripture, turn up the worship music, and remember that Jesus has won!

This may be over-simplified, but my last step is DON’T QUIT!  Don’t give up.  I once heard Beth Moore say, “if you give up then the devil wins.”  You’re and overcomer!  You cannot let him take that from you!  In a world that tells you to be offended all the time, it can be hard to escape the victim mentality.  Have you ever been a victim?  probably.  Is it ok to feel that hurt and pain?  yes.  But the key is to learn from the experience and keep living like you’re the daughter of the King who has overcome the world.

Self-car tip: straighten that crown and live like the royalty you are!