Being Busy

This post is part of a series that started with this post on 2020. 

If the devil can’t make you bad, he will make you busy. 

You can choose some real garbage things to fill your time with.  But, you can also choose some really good things – family, friends, work, church, volunteering, etc.  You can be too busy with your “Calling” too!  When I started neglecting my responsibilities I was too busy!  My priorities were out of line and I was spread too thin.

So, what do I do with that?

I need more Type A in my life.  Some people LOVE making a list so they can mark it off.  I do love to check something off of a list, but I hate seeing my always unfinished lists.  I feel overwhelmed with have-tos, so I go find a get-to to do instead! 

Side note: if you look up the word “procrastinator” in the dictionary, you won’t find my picture becauseI kept putting that off, too.

Since I am so not type A, making a top 3 list for the day is most helpful.  Then I make another list of things that I can do if I’m feeling extra productive that day. I do feel very proud of myself when I accomplish the 3 goals and keep going! 

Pretty often – usually monthly, but sometimes weekly or even daily – I make a list of the things that are most important to me.  For me, it’s being a mom and wife, mentoring younger women, and investing in friendships.  If those things are not being taken care of then I cannot make time for other things.  That includes social media, my podcast, art (which also falls under self-care, but I will get to that). 

How you prioritize is completely up to you.  But I do know prioritizing needs to be a priority!  You’ve got to know what matters most to you or you’ll just keep running in circles and spinning all of the plates.  Every single opportunity cannot be a priority.  I’m totally preaching to myself here because I want to do ALL OF THE THINGS!

Man, I sound like I’ve got a handle on this, but it’s a cyclical process.  Like I said, I’ve felt overwhelmed before and had to readjust and I’ve had to revisit!  Once the first layer of priorities are handled, I can move on to the next – decorated home, podcast, baking, volunteering – some of these things are in the self-care category for me as well.  

In a nutshell, I tackle busyness with prioritizing, handling what I can, and letting go of what just cannot get done.

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Are you feeling too busy?  Let me help you!