No, I did not test positive for the virus!  But, here’s a little honesty for you: I’ve had some anxiety during the time of Covid-19.  I’m a generally positive and laid back person, but it’s been hard some days.  One of those really hard days happened this week.

Things are about to start “getting back to normal” whatever that may mean.  My anxiety isn’t necessarily about the virus itself.  I’m more anxious about change.  What if the new normal is actually harder than this?  What if we get back to a more normal routine and I actually miss this time?  What if we get busy again and I realize I have wasted the last 8 weeks?  What if…what if…WHAT IF??????

So I was talking to a dear friend last night (actually, a few of them) and we are feeling some kind of way.  We were lamenting our current moods and fears when we starting trying to make each other feel better:

“What would you have been doing for the last 8 weeks if this hadn’t happened?  Have you gotten some of those things done?”

“Nobody should have made a ‘Rona Bucket List!”

“Your kid is thriving with all of the outside time!”

“You’ve kept up with your podcast!”

“You needed the extra sleep!”

We were encouraging each other and encouraging ourselves with this kind of talk!  So we continued.  We made our own lists of things we’ve done during this time.  What’s the positive part of this?  What’s the good?  SEE THE GOOD!


So, here’s my list, so far.  I want you to make your own!  And then keep adding to it.  No, I didn’t clean out every closet or learn a new language or drop 10 lbs, but here’s what did happen:

  • I found my son’s learning style
  • I discovered how much he can do and how much he’s learned at school this year (thanks, Mrs. Keri!)
  • I played outside a lot more than usual
  • We went on family walks
  • Our yard looks great!
  • We’ve realized that we eat out too much
  • I’ve connected with old friends
  • I’ve realized that social media (including FaceTime, etc.) is a great gift right now, but no match for actually being the presence of another person
  • Just sitting for a bit isn’t a waste of time
  • I remembered my love of teaching and appreciation for teachers
  • Taking time to make something for the sake of making it (and never doing anything with it) is worth as much as the time to make something to sell
  • Sleep it goooooooood!

There’s more…there will be more that I realize…and I hope this is a general attitude change in myself.

Now let me hear yours.  What’s the POSITIVE? Instead of looking at all of the things you did NOT do on that bucket list, make a list of what you can add retrospectively; even if one of those things is “sleep through a series on Netflix” because how often will we have that kind of free time again??? A little perspective goes a long way!

Comment below with your “Retro ‘Rona Bucket List” or visit my Facebook or Instagram pages and share with everyone there.  Make your own post and tag me so I can see what you’ve been up to.  Just make sure you do it!