6 Things for a New Normal

What a time we live in now!

Some of us are fearing for our health.  Some of us are trying to make ends meet as the loss of income hits.  Some of us are trying to figure out childcare because school is out, but the work is not. Some of us are figuring out homeschool.

Whatever your situation is, I would be willing to guarantee it isn’t your normal life.

If you are like me, a million thoughts are running through your mind throughout the day (and doesn’t this just feel like one long day???): why is everyone panicked? Should I be panicking more?  Was that an allergic cough or do I have it?  Do we have enough toilet paper?  Was I careful enough when I went to the grocery store?  Was it irresponsible of me to go to Home Depot yesterday?  What time is it?  When is lunch?

And the question I can’t stop asking: What is life going to be like after this?  I can think of some pretty bad repercussions of this entire situation, but I don’t want to dwell on that.  Here is what I think we need to learn and put into practice when we get back to “normal.”

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  • How to cook a meal with what we already have.  Less food waste and lower grocery bills!
  • How to be outside.  Taking walks, doing yard work as a family, and waving to the neighbors on a daily basis.
  • How to slow down.  Leaving space in the schedule to relax and connect as a family.  Appreciating our homes and the people in them.
  • How to be a friend.  Check on each other.  Pick up the phone and dial a number instead of typing a text.  Offer to share your extra with someone in need.
  • How to be quiet.  Listen to some music, or the birds, or nothing at all.
  • How to be united.  We can agree to disagree.  We can have completely different values and still value each other and our community.

What else can you think of?  What do you want to see become the new normal?