Passing Down Traditions

If you are a friend of the Known Podcast then you might be following along with my Advent Guide.  This morning’s reading was all about being called blessed because of all that God is.  We started with Mary’s prayer and read a few more verses of worship.  My 3 year old son, BAM, saw me flipping through the pages and asked me to read the whole Bible to him!

What a tall order.  But it is what we are called to do as parents, isn’t it?  Since I was a language arts teacher before kids, I took a book walk with him.  We talked about how the Bible is true, how it starts with creation, and ends with what is to come.  We looked for Jesus and found his favorites like Jonah and the whale, David and the giant, and Daniel and the lions.

During my prayer time after all of that, I thanked God for His Word that can be passed down to my children.  For the Word that was passed to me by my parents.  For the Word that was in the beginning, became flesh, and dwells in us today.

Isn’t it amazing that He gives us gifts to pass on?

Later in the morning we were baking cookies for friends.  I snapped several pictures of BAM using his Grandma’s rolling pin and cookie cutters.  I teared up wishing she could be doing this with us.  My Mom passed away before I had BAM and her traditions are so important to me to pass down to him.


I got to thinking about what a gift it is to have these things that I remember using as a child with my Mom. It’s such a gift to me to share those things, but most of all the memories and the legacy of my mother, his Grandma.  They may never have graced this earth at the same time, but he can know her through stories and traditions.

It’s the same with Jesus.  We didn’t walk this earth the same time as Him.  We didn’t get to hear stories told through His voice, but we have all we need to get to know Him if we just use what’s been given to us.

It’s been a beautiful morning for us.  We’ve talked about Jesus; we’ve prayed together in worship.  We’ve talked about Grandma and how much she loves BAM and how much she would love being with him and watching him grow. I’ve been reflecting on the goodness of the Lord and His promise of Heaven with more joy than I can describe.

And to keep it real – after a couple of really peaceful hours, BAM had a meltdown when I wouldn’t let him thrown flour across the kitchen floor.  He had snuck about half a pound of (egg-free, don’t come at me) cookie dough into his mouth, so there may be a sugar high happening.  Now he’s watching cartoons while I clean up a huge mess and pray for nap time to come quickly, Baby Jesus!

What about you?  What traditions are important?  Why do they matter so much?