Enneagram Friendsgiving

To enter the holiday season with a joyful heart, I decided to take the podcast in a different direction.  So my assistant and I talked about an Enneagram Thanksgiving.  Well, that got popular.

It was so much fun to think about and talk about.  And now I’m enjoying what you all have to say about it.  I have laughed at all of you calling out your friends, for sure.

***This is meant to be a satire of the current use of the Enneagram.  The Enneagram is meant to be a very personal tool to help you determine your motives and use that to inform your personal growth.  I have gained a lot of insight about myself and those I’m closest to through the serious study of the Enneagram.  The Enneagram NOT meant to determine or define actions of a person.  What we describe here are stereoptypical actions that people assume each type portrays.  We know that isn’t actually the case, but it’s fun to make fun of the misuse of the tool. This is NOT meant to make fun of any “type” or tendency or particular person.

And now, to make your planning a bit easier…I bring you the Enneagram Thanksgiving *unofficial* Guide!

1s, you can have this prepared as a hand-out for your guests.

Enjoy, my friends!

Teal Diagonal Stripes Weekly Menu-3.jpg

I’ve got more where that came from!  There is a BONUS EPISODE coming your way Friday.  It’s all about Advent and how to celebrate the season of preparation before we celebrate Christmas Day.  If you are a “Friend of the Show” there will be so much available to you on our Patreon account.  If you want to be a FOTS, you can visit this link.

Happy Thanksgiving/Friendsgiving/Season of Gratitude to all of you!