The One with the Next Generation

When I was Megan’s age, I was not that spiritually mature.  In fact, I was far from it.  In Episode 12, Megan talks about her faith in a way that I never would have at 20 years of age.

I got to thinking – are girls going to be discouraged by this?  Will they compare themselves to Megan and feel like they can’t measure up? When I was a young woman I may have heard a girl like Megan speak and think, “I can never live up to that.  She’s done everything right.  I’ve done everything wrong. I can’t ever be like that.”

It’s never too late to change your ways or to ask God to transform you.

Read that last line again.

megan schrock

You may not have come to know the Lord the way Megan did.  You may have “gone off the deep end” and feel like you’re too far gone.  Everyone’s story is different, but the sanctification process makes us all worthy in God’s eyes.  There is nothing in your past or present that can surprise God.  Nothing you’ve done can separate you from the love of God.

So, how do you make the change? Have you ever tried running before?  I decided I wanted to be a runner a few years ago.  At first, I started running by myself.  I’m a people person, so that got boring very quickly.  I decided to invite some other non-runners to run with me.  They slowed me down.  And then I asked my cross country coach friend to run a 5k with me.  That’s the fastest I had ever run.  

I realized that WHO I was running with made a huge difference in my speed.  You run at the same speed as the people you run with.  Faith is similar.  Hebrews says,

“run with perseverance the race marked out for us”

We are all running a race.  If you’ve lived a few hours of adolescence, you know it feels like a race.  We all have to keep our eyes fixed on the prize and run. If you are surrounded by people who have their eyes fixed on the prize as well, you’re going to keep up the pace and finish the race together.

My advice to you is to find a Megan.  Ask her what makes her make good choices.  Ask her how she resists temptation.  Ask her to help you run the race marked out for you.  All of the things you have to leave behind won’t be so hard to resist when your eyes are on the prize.

And that “Megan” you reach out to may just need the encouragement.  Megan isn’t prefect.  I don’t claim to know about any of her sins, but I guarantee you she’s got them.  We all do.  When you see a girl or woman who seems to have it all together, there’s something you aren’t seeing.  None of us have it all together.  We ALL need each other.  Be a friend.  Be an encourager.  Be encouraged.