The One with No Secrets

Sophie Corder was on Episode 11 of the pod.  We talked about a lot of things that happened in her life.  There are so many directions my mind went and my fingers wanted to type, but one idea really stuck with me.

What secrets do you harbor?

Sophie talked about how her life and family couldn’t be fully healed until there were no more secrets.  Why did she still have secrets?  shame.

You’ve heard me talk about shame and isolation before on the pod.  I believe they are some of satan’s most used tools. He sees our weakness and preys on it by keeping us alone and isolated.  And the easiest way to convince us to isolate ourselves is through keeping secrets because we are ashamed.

“What if everyone knows what I’ve done?  They will never forgive me.  They won’t see me the way I want them to see me.  They won’t believe the carefully curated persona I’ve presented to them anymore.”

But how tiring is that carefully presented persona?  How exhausting is it to maintain a facade?  I can’t do it for long.  I’ve tried!  I’ve tried to hide and I’ve tried to cover, but it just wore me down.

The more I chip away at the facade I’ve created for myself, the more I’ve grown deep and authentic relationships.  The people who love the most know the most about my shame.  They know what I’ve done and love me anyway.  They know my sins and consider what I’ve learned from them.  They have heard my stories and celebrated the recovery and redemption I’ve experienced.

Sophie has so openly shared every secret that makes old church ladies clutch their pearls.  She throws isolation and shame and secrets in the face of satan.  Screw you, satan!


What secrets do you need to share with a trusted friend or minister or therapist?  Let them out and see where you’re healing begins.