The One With Kintsugi

Kintsugi: The Japanese practice that highlights and enhances the breaks thus adding value to the broken object.


The art of precious scars.

Beautifully broken.  And beautifully repaired.

My sweet friend Jametta and I can both relate and we talked about that on Episode 6 of the KNOWN Podcast.

I’ve been tempted to let my past stop me from the future Jesus holds for me.  I’ve been tempted to think I’m irreparable.  I’ve been tempted to consider myself damaged goods.  I’ve been tempted to think I have nothing to offer.

But that’s all a lie.  Hear that: satan is a liar.

There’s no amount of damage the world can do to you or that you can do to yourself that God cannot fix.  And when God fixes, He doesn’t just use duct tape.  He uses ribbons of pure gold.  He highlights and enhances our breaks, adding value along the way.

What value from being broken?  The value of empathy, humility, and grace.  The value of understanding another’s struggle and having the insight to help them.  The value of strength from the work that has been done to heal.

If you are feeling broken or invaluable, offer your wounds to the Lord.  Ask him to mend you with His gold.  The refining process can be difficult, but the beauty that results is worth it.

Since I don’t have enough art supplies, I’m thinking about learning the art of kintsugi.  Click the link to check out some of the kits I found.  Let me know if you try it.