The One With the Dedicated Wife and Mother

Sooooo many listeners and reactions to this episode.

My favorite quote from her in this episode is

“Our story is unique to us, but it isn’t unique.”

Isn’t that the truth?  We each have our own stories of loss, disappointment, hopelessness, weakness.  But we also have our stories of redemption and triumph and faith.

I love that Tiffani always points us back to the TABLE.  That is where I first met her and that is where I continue to be encouraged by her.  That is where we find that our stories are so different and all the same.


We talked about IF:Gathering and IF:Table, both of which have been transformative in my life.  My first experience with IF was IF:Gathering 2018.  I was filled with a desire to disciple and be discipled.  My definition of discipleship changed the more I listened to the speakers.  I realized that I can disciple a generation in my own home around my old dining room table.

So here I am, about a year into hosting and IF:Table and I’m so very glad I got started.  I had never been to an IF:Table when I started my own; in fact, I still haven’t been to another one!  I receive a recipe and 4 table topics every month.  I prepare the recipe from IF and the people in my group bring whatever they want to add to our meal (or nothing at all).  It is a very laid back come-as-you-are event.  We gather in my kitchen and chat as we prepare our plated.  Then we sit at the table and take turns reading the questions and answering them.  Sometimes everyone has an answer to each question.  Sometimes there are long pauses and awkward silences as we all ponder our answers.  Sometimes one person talks for 15 minutes.  But, always, ALWAYS, we get deep into our faith.  We confess and forgive and process and laugh and cry and grow closer to the Lord at each table.  Not everyone can make it every time.  And that’s ok, but we all hate to miss.  IF you don’t have an experience in your life, find it – create it!  If you’re confused about how, please reach out to me or to Tiffani!  We would both be happy to help you.

We all need to come to the table!

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