The One with My Friends

In case you missed my 8,763 posts about the first episode of KNOWN, here’s a link!


As I said in my post about the podcast release, these friends have been in on what God has brought me to from the beginning.  They knew when I felt a stirring to do something bigger than I was doing.  They knew when the word “known” kept coming to me.  They knew I was digging deep into the word and praying for wisdom and guidance.  And they prayed for me.

Get yourself some people like that.  Or maybe even just one.

The word community is a popular word in the church world these days.  That term might make you think of a large body of people.  Maybe you think of a small group that meets at a certain time every week.  Community comes in many shapes and sizes.  Let’s not try to make it into a one-size-fits-all formula.

Perhaps you are intimidated by the idea of community because you’ve lost it or never even felt like you’ve had it.  Maybe you even feel like an outcast from the communities you’re near. Churches can feel like middle school sometimes.  If you are the new kid or the “weird” kid, it can be difficult to plug in.  If you’re part of a strong community it can sometimes be difficult to notice the outsiders.

We all have to do a better job.

If you desire community then you have a responsibility to create it.  Find YOUR people.  I spent a lot of my life trying to become what I thought other people wanted from me.  Until I just started being myself and sharing the real Mandee with others, I didn’t experience true community.  You do you, friend – and then put yourself out there!  It is risky, but worth it.

If you’re feeling pretty good about your circle of friends, don’t forget to open it up a little. Be a horseshoe, not a circle.  Add rings to your hula hoops.  Find the people who are looking for you, too, and invite them in.  Jesus had his 12, but He also offered Himself to all.

I’m so grateful for the 3 friends you hear on this podcast and the many more horseshoes, circus rings, and hula hoops I have in my life.  I can’t wait to share more of them with the rest of you!