Go For It!

You know those apps that will pull up memories from your camera roll and social media from a year ago?  I love seeing what my child looked like or reminiscing about what I was doing exactly this day 5 years ago.

Just a few days ago, my app reminded me of a facebook status I posted 9 years ago.


I think the “artsy thing” I did that day was make a 4th of July wreath.  It wasn’t amazing, but somebody asked me if they could buy it from me. That made me feel like I might have a knack for crafting.  I kept going with craft projects here and there. More people wanted the things I had crafted.

But then somebody called me and artist.  I would always argue, “I’m just crafty. I am no artist!”  But, after several years of crafting, I decided to choose a medium and learn it.  I started with hand lettering. And that led to watercolor.

I call myself an artist now.  I’m a self-taught (and a few online lessons) watercolorist, I’ve dabbled in acrylic, I’m learning to draw, and I hand letter.  I have discovered that I have actual artistic talent. And I didn’t make that discovery until my late 30s…very late 30s.

What adventure have you avoided because you think you have “zero talent”?  What sounds fun to you, but may be difficult?

Let me encourage you to go for it.  Even if you don’t discover a hidden talent, you may just learn something. You might even have some fun.  And, who knows? You might discover you’re a really great surfer, a master chef, or and talented tap dancer!

Have you ever tried something new only to discover you’re pretty good at it?  Let me hear from you – what’s your hidden talent?